Getting to the HeArt of You
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Getting to the HeArt of You


You don't talk about this much. Or you talk about it all the time. You're afraid everyone's thinking you're over-thinking, wondering why you can’t be grateful for what you have.

You have ideas—so many that you can’t just choose one. You worry you’ll never have time for all the things you want to do.

You’re stuck and you don’t know what your life is missing. You’ve read all the self-development books and started to do some inner work, but something still isn’t right.

You’re having a hard time putting yourself out there. You’re afraid to show your work. You wonder, “Is it even good enough?” And you’re worried people are going to judge you or laugh at you.

You need to earn a living and your family counts on you. Not just for your income, but your list of household duties is mind-boggling. Just the thought of taking an afternoon off to get a massage or enjoy yourself feels overwhelming.


I get it...

We need ways to get to the heart of ourselves because when we’re disconnected, we feel restless, scattered, less than, sad. And we can’t have that.



  • No more wandering around wondering if you're doing the right things, depleted from decision fatigue. You have clarity around your priorities. You confidently do more of what fills you up because when you do, you have more energy to do all the other things asked of you - with pleasure.
  • You’re excited to finally know that what you’re working on matters. And even better, you’re feeling intentional, and you can slow down and do the deep work that has you excited to wake up to every morning.
  • Maybe you’re just excited to have an outlet for expressing yourself that feels good. You lighter, more in love with the life you’re creating.
  • You have permission to try - and the courage to keep going.

What if...

  • You became really good at navigating change, new beginnings, what to do with wide open free time and how you'd like to spend your days.
  • You were gentler on yourself, with a whole new appreciation for the energy that comes from enjoying the process instead of focusing on the finished product.
  • You felt lighter, free to move past all that's keeping you stuck.
  • Whether you’re an “artist” or not, you appreciated and used all the creativity inside you.
  • You had all the encouragement (and energy) you need to do all the things you want to do.
“This online course provides the tools, insight and support you need to help you get to the heart of you.”

Learn the 4 Essentials every woman needs regardless of age or life-stage. Practices that offer healthier, more productive alternatives than scrolling, way too many peanut butter cups, or (insert your go-to distraction).

  • A way to keep your inner critic at bay (Morning Pages)
  • A way to give your brain a break from having to figure everything out (Movement)
  • A way of letting yourself lighten (Artist Dates)
  • A way of expressing what's stirring within (Creative Containers)

Over four weeks, modules are delivered to your inbox with a peek inside experts' creative process + exercises that spark a renewed self-awareness - things you may have forgotten, or not thought about in years.

  • Take as long as you need to complete them. Do them on your own time, a few minutes here and there.
  • Kinda like a book club, with books and questions chosen for your life, without books to buy, places to drive, or treats to bring.
  • Lessons include 10+ videos, most around 10 minutes. Themes center around:
    • Acknowledgment: where you are
    • Accomplishment: where you've been
    • Aspiration: where you might like to go
    • A-ha's: what you need to get there
  • Quizzes and prompts encourage thoughtful self-exploration + a chance to learn from and encourage each other.
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I've spent 30+ years studying how people make the most of their life. Children don't always make or break it and neither does the dream career. What matters is having a way of sorting through whatever life brings, a way of navigating change, a way to feel good in your body and a way of staying connected to your heart over time.

Some people are born with passion, others find it over time, and then there are people like me who find it in spurts.

I've become an expert in immersing myself in projects, experiences, curiosities that require a lot of patience and practice. Every time I do that thing I want to do, there's a pause, followed by a What now? I'm not bothered by the What now? anymore. When I get that feeling I know it's time to grow.

Our paths are meant to be different, but I've found that how we get there can be rooted in practical practices. And that's what I want to share with you in this course.

I believe life unfolds as it should and we are meant to create lives we love. We are given what we're given for reasons, experiences that shape our uniqueness when we're ready.

Are you ready to give yourself the space you’ve been craving?

“I am ready to face this next phase with renewed energy. The afterglow of the course feels amazing - like a mental savasana!”


Busy Summer? Feel like you won't have time? The beauty of an online course is that you can do it in spurts, on your own time, when you can settle in, in sweats, a scrunchie, a glass of wine or a cookie by your side. 

This space might be the haven you need to keep your sanity and a sense of yourself as you head into summer and all the things it brings.


“Even though we are in differing states of existence, we all share a common bond - one of craving more self-awareness. Kudos to you, Denese, for getting us all in that state of mind so gently.”

“Ahhh... the pull of what now? What do I do next? Am I doing enough? How am I going to get all these ideas out there? Thanks again for the permission slip. And for letting us all play with you in this easy and totally open way!” - Jacq

“I don’t get how Morning Pages work, but they do. I’m discovering a power in alone time, a lifting of the heaviness that sometimes rests in my heart and a reassurance knowing I can come back here to re-listen, re-read and re-wonder “what now”.- Marni

“I had forgotten that artist goes beyond ‘commercial artist.' Yes, I use my creativity within my business, but there is so much more to me than that.” - Kaiko

“This course has brought so many subconscious, automatic behaviors to light. I used to be so positive and didn’t realize how quick I’ve become to point out my failures.” - Patty

“I associated artist with finished product and now I see we are all artists in our own way.” - Lori

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