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If you came over to my house, I'd make you a smoothie or a nut milk latte of some sort. I'd give you a cookie, we'd curl up in bean bags, and we'd chat.

I shoot for that kind of vibe here and in my courses...where you feel heard, nourished, loved.

What would you put on that sticky note?

What would you put on that sticky note?

Sheri Salata walked away from the ultimate career - Executive Producer of OWN - Yes, that OWN. For 15 years, she worked right alongside Oprah and countless experts on living your best life.

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Yet, while she considers the experience wonderful, she admits she did so at the expense of her own health and happiness. On her last day of work, as she got in her car to drive away from the dream job, the self-doubt started before she was out of the parking lot.

So, she pulled out a sticky note, on which she’d written:

  • 100 pounds overweight.
  • No man in sight.
  • Turning the bend toward 57.

And she kept driving.

Because devoting her life to helping others' dreams come true was no longer working. She joined forces with Nancy Hala, her best friend of 28 years, also in need of a mid-life reckoning. They made a pact to not let each other give up and to let these principles guide their next steps:

  • It’s never to late to live your dreams.
  • The stories we tell ourselves are what make our dreams come true.
  • If not, now when. 

I just spent the weekend at their This is Fifty event in the California redwoods. I almost cancelled because I thought it was frivolous. And every woman I met had the same, "I have a great life, what more could I want, just enjoy what you have" script running through their head.

I guarantee no one went home feeling the weekend was frivolous. It was a reminder that mid-life is a gift and to not waste another minute squandering it.

We’re here for so many reasons. There’s room for work and family and to feel the way you want to feel and do things you want to do. Even when you’re grateful for all you have, it’s natural to have an inkling for more, because chances are...

You’re not done yet. 

Here’s what I’d put on my sticky note:

“The most regretful people on earth are the ones who felt a call to creative work, who felt their own creative power, restive and uprising, and gave it neither power nor time.” - Mary Oliver

What would you put on yours?

Reply or leave a note below. I'd love to know.

p.s. If a medical excuse would help you get rolling, read this on what un-fulfillment can do to our cells.

What's your theme?

What's your theme?

I learned a new word. It might save your life.

I learned a new word. It might save your life.