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I was voted Most Optimistic of my senior class, but was more excited about being voted Best Dressed. I didn’t understand why my classmates chose me as optimistic. I thought it meant a perpetual front of forced happiness. That’s not how I felt or wanted to be perceived. Until I read this:

“Optimism isn't about denying reality,
it's about the ability to create a better one."

Maybe my classmates, even way back then, sensed how much I believe this.

I’m a creativity facilitator, yoga teacher, health coach and pianist (kinda) who provides a path, a process and lots of nudges to help you re-connect with aspects of yourself you may have set aside. Because when you're clear on your curiosities and uniqueness, you'll soften, lighten, have more energy, clarity, and confidence.

I've spent 30+ years studying people's stories. It's taken others' attempts to make sense of their lives to help me understand my own. It's also taken practice to get past the resistance that comes with creating your own happiness.

At 50, I craved a calling. I knew what I had to do:

Gently nudge people to get to the heart of
what it's in their heart, and then simply start.

Which isn't easy. I have to trick myself into starting by setting up little containers for creativity. The fun is watching what comes when you give curiosity a go.

  • Like, posting a story on Instagram everyday for 30 days about what yoga has caused for me. Here's one about how I got over being intimidated by all the bright, shiny, bendy yogis. And another about what I learned in India.
  • Sharing a video story every day for 30 days on You Tube to get over the fear of making videos for my courses. Here are two of the craziest moments that happened in the midst of this self-imposed challenge: The Day After Las Vegas Happened + My Me Too Story.
  • Deciding I wanted to learn piano at 48, taking a piano class at a community college, which led to four years of music classes and having to perform recitals. Here's my first.  Be easy on me, my pinkies were shaking so badly.
  • Joining a running club because I wanted to know where the cool trails were, then running six marathons. Here's a peak inside my closet where the medals remind me I am capable of doing hard things.
I want you to soften so you can finish strong.

I used to tell myself this when running marathons... soften your shoulders, your jaw, soften something, so you can finish strong. And it worked.

I want to provide a non-judgmental ear and easy reminders that we are not alone in our doubts and fears. I want you to feel heard and encouraged to get to the heart of you, to care for yourself so you have the energy to keep going, your way.

What previous clients and workshop participants have to say:

Denese's non-judgmental ear made it easy for me to be honest about my feelings. She gave me the space and tools to find the answers I was looking for with suggested books, internet articles, websites, dietary changes, and encouragement to follow my passion which is writing.

Most importantly, Denese helped me realize that some things are unanswerable. That the joy of life lives in the possibilities and the less time we spend trying to pin them down, the more time we have to enjoy the moments.

I discovered an acceptance of who I am which freed me from time spent worrying about what I should be doing or regretting the things I had done in the past. Seems so simple but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find and Denese has a gift for showing you how to be open to life so you can see the whole picture.

- Marni

I can worry things to death, then mindlessly over-eat because of it. After reading "A New Earth" with Denese, I'm more apt to slow down and get myself present before worry (and over-eating) takes over.

- Phyllis

In the course of my normal life, I rarely think, let alone talk about my feelings. So my chats with Denese have been like a little oasis where I can check into how I'm feeling about my life. And, since we've begun, I've made some major changes to my diet, re-embraced yoga, developed a more forgiving internal conversation with myself, and all in all become a little more calm. Denese has been a fundamental part of that change. She's been supportive as well as constructive; I almost feel as if I've been sitting gently in the palm of her hand.

- Amanda

What I loved about working with Denese the most is she "walks the talk" inside and out. She gave me inspired advice, great recipes and and just the right amount of coaching for my busy life. It's not that I changed a lot about what I eat. It was more about changing how I eat. She is a real treat.

- Belle

A bit more bio...

I'm a creativity facility, writer, yoga teacher, health coach and piano player (kinda). I've led workshops including 40 Days to Personal Revolution through Yoga, Mindset and Food; The Desire Map, Setting Goals with Soul; and A New Earth Chapter by Chapter Tele-Chat.

Always taking a class on something... I've earned a Yoga Alliance 200-hr Certification; an Institute for Integrative Nutrition health coach certification; an Associates Degree in Music/Piano;  writing and creativity workshops from Dani Shapiro, Alexander Franzen and Julia Cameron.

And I started all this at 40.

In what feels like a past life, I was a corporate marketing professional for an international building products company. I've come a long way in a decade and I believe you can too.